About Us

Different Kind: A Kinder Way to Shop

Different Kind started with a croissant. A croissant that Liz, our CEO, had at Luminary, a bakery that employs refugees, trafficked and disadvantaged women in London. Liz was really impressed not only by the flakey buttery croissant, but also the positive impact the business had on the womens’ lives. Fuelled by that inspiring breakfast in Stoke Newington, Liz wanted everyone to know about them and what they were doing.

Different Kind is the result of that simple impulse. It’s a platform for socially motivated, ethical businesses to reach bigger audiences, to get behind them, back them and hopefully support more people like the women at Luminary Bakery to create sustainable businesses. Different Kind is a showcase for the best, most exciting emerging ethical businesses. We are four women wanting to bring home the virtues of goods that do good.

Three guiding principles drive what we do at Different Kind.


Ethical products or those with an altruistic ambition used to sometimes ask the customer to compromise on quality, and definitely on design. But that’s no longer the case. All of our producers are selling high-quality, stylish goods which are as good, and often great value compared to the mainstream.


We look across the piece: at products, the people involved in making and selling them, the change they want to see in the world and how they are going about it.  We will have reviewed every product we stock in our store, all with an approach to how producers run their business, design and make their products - putting ethics at their core.


Different Kind will pay and play fair, selling goods at a price that reflects the true value, craft, design, effort and materials used. We’ll abide by the high ethical standards of the businesses we work with. We don’t have any profits yet, but when we do, we will reinvest as much as we can in the mission.

"Have nothing that is not beautiful, useful or ethical in your home"

A Kinder Way of Doing Business

We believe in a better, kinder way of doing business where the business itself is part of the solution. Our producers are doing things differently, inclusively and with a purpose beyond the product. That means we are asking you to back them and back a better way of buying. Shopping from Different Kind is backing a better world. Obviously buying less is the best solution to making a change, but if you need a tea towel, buy a good one that lasts, and if you want to send a present, send a lovely one made well that gives back.

Who we are

Liz Warner

As CEO at Comic Relief, Liz, co-founder and CEO worked with a range of exciting and emerging social and ethical enterprises that empowered employees. She started Betty, one of the first female founded television production companies. She believes in the winning combination of creativity and purpose. And, as you know, she loves a good croissant.

Vik Anderson

Vik’s an ethics pragmatist who’s unearthed and vetted producers from hidden corners and helped to choose the delicious, good value, well made, and well crafted products. She’s a responsible jewellery designer/maker too. Vik has purpose sewn into the back of her organic cotton sweatshirt, just don’t come near her with soy, false claims or the offer of a cruise with a free DVD thrown in.

Charlotte Hillenbrand

Charlotte’s been working on digital innovation projects for over 15 years, and is the brains (and muscle) behind the digital platform. Charlotte has a knack for scanning the marketplace and being digital and social with thought and purpose. She has an eye for graphics, loves a geometric design and can be tempted by a nice ethically sourced Negroni.

Gail Sulkes

Gail’s a business consultant and executive coach who’s helped build the business model and shape the brand. She has seen first hand the transformational power of being a good actor in business. She is from Detroit, loves her hometown music, and harbours secret ambitions to run a hair/nail salon (ethically, of course).