Goods that do good tape between two hands

Five reasons Different Kind is really different

Five reasons Different Kind is really different

We gave ourselves this name for a reason.

1. Ethics are hot
Every product you see on this site is made by a producer who wants to contribute socially and ethically to the world. Is there any hotter form of shopping?

2. Quality is cool
We love that the goods we stock do social good. But that’s not enough for us. Everything we sell is going to be beautiful or delicious or really bloody useful. Perhaps even a combination of all three.

3. We make it easy
We do 😉. Every time you shop with us, you can do it without worrying. We put the work in to make sure every object meets the objectives above. We’ve checked everything out before you hit the checkout.

4. Payment makes the world go round
We pay our producers up front, buying stock and holding it in a warehouse, meaning they can make financial plans. We also pay our team and our freelancers fairly and on time (and this sentence was written by a freelancer, so you know this is legit).

5. Community is everything
Look, we want to do good in the world without giving off worthy hessian vibes. But sometimes we do get a little sentimental. Our aim is to bring people together: our producers, so they can collaborate and advise one another, and our customers, because we think you’ll like one another (head to our socials and see). Good people. With a sense of humour. And hot on ethics.