Why we're different and kind

The killer combo: quality, ethics and social good

We take real pleasure finding high-quality products that are among the best of their kind. Beautifully designed items that will surprise and delight you. And all of them have strong ethical and social intent.

Our store is curated with great care and attention, bringing together a collection that is pleasing and purposeful.

We’re choosy and carefully review every product we stock. We find products with a strong mix of ethics, social good, style and quality. It’s a balancing act and we love it. Come into the shop to discover a more considered way of buying, always backed by different types of kindness.

Our producers make a difference in many ways, inventing a better way of doing business: donating to charitable causes, creating jobs, campaigning for change, and working with people who find it hard to get employment. Some are upfront and shout about it with others quietly doing it behind the scenes.

We’re looking for producers where sustainability is integral to what they do. No one is perfect, (neither are we), but we all work toward small acts, like our no issue tissue, to bigger principles like upcycling and other regenerative ways of doing things. As we grow, we’ll look for even more ways to get greener.

Doing retail differently