It's so damn good to see you here

It's so damn good to see you here

It's so damn good to see you here

Hello friends and family, roll up, roll up and welcome to Different Kind’s test run store. We are thrilled to be offering you a taster of our kinder way to shop.

We are open for a couple of months only to showcase a small selection of the products we would like to stock in the store when it opens to the public later in the year.

So please buy if you want to, test us out. Order less or more, ask us difficult questions. Tell us what you think.

Ask for it bigger or in a different colour... Read about our brilliant producers and makers - all independents, mostly from the UK - who welcome your interest in what they do beyond just making things. We welcome your questions about them too.

All of them want to make a difference.

We are new, we are not going to get it right, we are listening and learning and we invite feedback so we get it right when we go public.

So please, invited friends, give us a go and challenge us to make Different Kind the kind of store you would want to come back to and would recommend to your friends and family.

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