Mail Out - the warehouse

Mail Out - the warehouse

Mail Out - the warehouse

We are here to deliver goods that do good to you. And we choose to do this in the kindest way possible.

Our delivery partner in this soft launch is Mail Out - strangely we didn’t choose a large US warehouse beginning with an A.

We chose to deliver to you through through a warehouse in Kentish Town London which trains and supports adults with autism and learning disabilities.

So while your candle is being picked and carefully packed - it is helping to train someone in the world of work.

It is a lovely clean place run by a great duo of Virginia and Stan who oversee the pallets and the people. So Mail Out will get your goods chosen by hand, wrapped in ethical wrapping and off to Royal Mail before they have a break and do some more training.

Every day they finish with a quiz before heading home.

So your delivery partner is doing good too. Mail Out is part of the generosity economy - and they are growing too. Your purchase is helping support a better more inclusive working world.