Thinking big and small: how we chose our charity partners

Thinking big and small: how we chose our charity partners

Thinking big and small: how we chose our charity partners

The social value of charities can’t and shouldn’t be quantified - we were looking at strategy

We’re a business that wants to do good. It’s part of our model. We work with producers and makers who share our vibe: we know their ethics are strong, as are their commitments to doing social good, and we want to help them grow. This stuff is the foundation of our business and we’d thought it all through before we even launched our pilot.

But what about charitable giving?

We didn’t have a model for that. We also knew we couldn’t fix the entire world in one go, however much we might want to, and that spreading ourselves thinly could mean we wouldn’t make a significant difference anywhere.

As a female-founded and run company, we decided we’d direct our attention mostly on charities that focused on women’s rights and safety. We know that we can - and do - contribute to other causes in other ways in our personal lives, but this was the right fit for Different Kind.

But the really difficult decision was deciding whether we should work with an organisation doing grassroots work, where you can see a tangible difference up close, or if we should back a charity working on a macro level - because without systemic change you never get to the root of the problem.

In the end, we picked both. Our two charitable partners are now Rosa and The Circle - and we’re really excited to be supporting their fantastic work.

Rosa UK
Rosa administer the Stand With Us Fund, which supports grassroots women’s groups in the UK. Originally set up by Reclaim These Streets, the campaign group formed in the aftermath of Sarah Everard’s murder, the Stand With Us Fund is still going and is now being used to help organisations that support women and girls whose lives are devastated by male violence.

The Circle
The Circle operate globally and collectively, lobbying for long-term structural changes that will support some of the world’s most vulnerable women and girls. They also support grassroots programmes and have focused on areas as diverse as setting up safe houses for women and girls in Afghanistan, to the exploitation of garment workers in the fashion industry.

We’ll be posting more about both our partners here and on social media and we hope you will be inspired to look more deeply into their work.