Working to help homeless people

Working to help homeless people

Working to help homeless people

It’s colder today, and Storm Arwen is blasting away outside. The urge to pull on thick socks, warm hats and curl your fingers round a hot cup of coffee is strong. And, if you want any of those things, we can show you just the ones to buy. ⁠

But that level of cosiness isn’t within reach for everyone. For those without homes, the drop in temperature makes a precarious situation even more dangerous. We’re working with several producers who work with homeless people.

Buying any pair of socks from Stand4Socks means an extra pair will be donated to a shelter - and Stand4Socks have done their research and created socks with that specifically meet the  needs of homeless people.

When you buy a beanie made by Edit Hats, they will donate another to a homeless person - the first time they went out to distribute their beanies, 30 beanies were taken in the first 60 seconds.

Then there’s Volcano Coffee - an excellent roastery who supply London’s River Cafe restaurant - a purchase of their Crisis Coffee filter blend means 15% of the profits will go to housing charity Crisis UK.

Over the last five years, the number of people without housing has been rising, according to a study by The Homelessness Monitor. We know that one beanie, one pair of socks can’t alleviate a society-wide problem, but we do believe that the producers we work with can be the start of a change in attitude, both by highlighting the causes they believe in and by altering the way we think about what retail should do. 

When you are buying things to improve your winter, choose the ones that will improve someone else’s too.